the case of a true story "a insolent child against his parents" PART 4

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Indeed we as children should be is filial and make our parents proud of us. make their life happy without having to work hard anymore. any conflict in the family may be resolved. lest we become rebellious child who does not know the taste reply thanks to the parents and instead do the opposite...

Here are some examples of the prodigal son in the various countries.


7.  The child's mother embarrass the in public

A mother in India who do not want to be named, shamed and hurt after being beaten and paraded half-naked by her three children alone who named Dilip Paswan, Chottu Paswan and Sandeep Paswan, he certainly has the physical and mental scars that he finally reported to police.
His three sons were also assisted by other family members, including daughter. Participate in beat and humiliate the woman. The mother was beaten with sticks, stripped of his clothes and his hair Dibotaki. Not only that it also directly Mother paraded around the village by his children's rebellious.


8.    The child's mother Sue 1 Billion Rupiah

This news had been a hot topic in indonesia Fatimah was sued by his own son and daughter are Nurhana and Nurhakim $ 1 Billion for the house and land disputes. Fatima admitted that he had bought the land and the building of his parents Nurhakim of 11 million in 1987 As recognized by Fatimah as in Black and White. But there is only a witness and there is no black and white. The transaction was done at night was witnessed by the child from the mother Fatimah (except Nurhana) and Nurhakim father who had died. Nurhakim always refused and evasive when asked to return the name of the land and the home page. Until in 2005 she finally agreed to sign a treaty of evidence behind the name, but even then not on the stamp because he did not want to and even signed the back.

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