The friendly cultures fair with Digital Citizen Fund.

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The friendly cultures fair was very interesting for me. I think that it´s a good idea to learn more about what is arround  us. I liked everything, but I wanted to see Dominican Republic, but when we went to see it we had to go.

I almost go crazy for anything jewelry, everything  was beautiful, but very expensive. 

I buy a bracelet to my friend and I liked since we saw it, so we bought two identical but in different color.

It was a little  tired but I don´t regret being there because I had the opportunity to learn something new and to remember it in photos, and I will never forget this moment, since it was an experience that I don´t live alone, but with my friends.

From my point of view, the people are very friendly and even though they are many countries and have different beliefs and traditions to me, all have the same value, and it is good to know a little of all.

The two cultures that more they liked were Guatemala because  had a delicious smell of tamales and Norway because I love coffe and chocolate.

I like very mucho to be there. :) 


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