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Those who always dreamed of space travel in a rocket, and not in a simulator, have a chance to turn your wish come true. NASA released last November 4 to search for new explorers for future missions. The requirements leave out most of those living in Argentina: in principle, have to be an American. But for those who are native to this country of North America, the wages established for the labor supply of the most famous space agency is not bad. Salaries for civilian astronauts are based on the General Schedule salary scale of the US National Administration. A space explorers are estimated them in grades GS-11 and GS-14 salary. Thus, a civilian astronaut lowest rank earns at least U $ S 66,026 a year, while in the highest positions can receive up to U $ S 144,566 per year.

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The rating or grade awarded to astronauts is determined according to academic achievements and experiences of each. In this regard, applicants seeking to force must have an undergraduate degree in engineering, biology, physics or mathematics from an accredited institution. In turn, graduate degrees are valued and necessary condition is to have three years of related work experience or at least 1000 hours of flight time as a pilot. In addition, candidates must pass the physical tests of NASA. Today the space agency has 47 active astronauts, but his team plans to add new scouts who can take care of man the rockets that are being built in the United States. Ships in manufacturing have configured different destinations, ranging from performing commercial flights through space to Mars landers. Interested parties may send their applications since 14 December, and have time to do so until.


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