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zulfiqar ali bhutto was the ninth prime minister of pakistan.Educated at uc berkeley and Oxford University.His political career began as the member of the president Mirza sikander hiyat khan"s cabinet,before being assigned  several ministeries during the presiency of Field Marshal Ayub Khan from 1958he appointed as the foreign minister in 1963.
lwading to war with india in 1965an agreement was broken by the soviet union,bhutto fell out with Ayub and wad dismissed from the government.
Bhutto founded the PPP  in 1967 and contested 1970's General election held by president Yahyah Khan.
The East Pakistani party The Awami League surprisingly won a plurality seat .The East Pakistan was with us before the war of 1971.
the were separated aferr the war of 1971.
As Paksitan were defeated  in a war,Bhutto was handed the presidency in december 1971 and emergency was imposed.
By july 1972,President bhutto was recoverd around 93,000 prisoners of war.
By signing the shimla agreement with indain prime minister Indra Gndhi he also recoverd the area about 5,000 squres Miles
He assingned again on to tie the soviet union,chaina and saudia Arabia and recognised the sovereignty of Bangladash.
He also played an Integral role in initiating the Atomic-Bomb Programme.His Economic programme was based on the nationalization of much of Pakistan's healthcare,and educational Institutions.
During bhutto regime from 1971 to 1977 it was realized that now the time has come that pakistan should prepare firm base for its program.
In order to restore peace, Bhutto dissolved the Blochistan Assembly which was met unrest.
Finally on 5th of july 1977 bhutto was ruled out and sent to jail in criminal charges which had no records 
In 1979 set a result of the case against bhutto that he murdred his opponent which was a judicial murder and the court has prove that.
But none can dismiss bhutto's cause and the party is still in its growing position and can't be demolished and the largest party in Paksitan


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