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Islam is besad on find beliefs. These are called the five pillars of Islam.

The first belief is that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad ( peace be upon him) is his no god but allah and that a muslim must pray five times a day at certain times, and the third is that a muslim must give a percentage of his/her savings to the poor.

The fourth is the fasting of Ramadan. The fifth is that all mualims who are able should perform hajj (pilgrimage) at least once in their life.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. All adult muslims must fast during daylight hours. They are not allowed to eat or drink between dawn and sunset for the whole month. Fasting strengthens a person by increasing his self-control.

Fasting also helps a muslims to remember allah and his obed ience. During Ramadan, the soreness of hunger is shared by everyone.

In this way, everyone is equal next to allah.

Some people (children for example) are excused from fasting. Some may be too old or too ill. Others are the people, who are on journeys, and women who are expecting or feeling difficulties in nursing their babies and cannot fast at the time, either. However, all those who are able must complete their fast later.

Ramadan customs are very special. Many Muslims prefer to change working hours so that they can focus on the islsamic duties of the holy month. At sunset, the mula announces and people break their fast with dates and water. Then, they go to the mosque for the sunset prayers (maghrib). Also the exact time of sunset is very important.

There is a special night known as “LailatulQadr”. No one knows exactly which night it is, but is definitely one of the last odd ten nights of the month. Around this time, Muslims try to stay awake all night and perform special prayers.

Immediatelt after the day of Ramadan, there is a celebration called Eid-Al-Fitr. Muslims all over the world celebrate this holiday. During Eid, Muslims wear new clothes and receive gifts. Families everywhere enjoy themselves with friends and relatives. They thank Allah for his great blessings in revealing the holy Qur`an during the holy Mont of Ramadan.


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