The Milky Way

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The Milky Way System may be a massive band of stars, dirt and gas that conjure our galaxy. It contains billions of stars. Our sun and therefore the scheme is simply one in every of them. The Milky Way System is simply one in every of billions of galaxies that conjure our universe. it's a diameter of regarding one hundred,000 light-weight years and is as previous because the universe itself. The name in all probability refers to however we tend to see our galaxy - a white fuzzy band that appears like spilled milk.
The Milky Way System has the form of a skinny disk with six spiral arms kicking off of a bulge within the center . This bulge consists of a cluster of huge stars, gas and mud moreover as a robust magnetic flux. the full galaxy rotates around this inner bar of stars. New stars area unit perpetually fashioned round the spiral arms. Most of the celebrities in our galaxy area unit red dwarfs, cold stars that area unit abundant smaller than our sun.
The galaxy gets praise towards the sides. the middle of the Milky Way System consists of a black hole; Associate in Nursing invisible object that has such a robust attraction pull that not even light-weight cannot escape. The galaxy is enclosed by a big halo created from previous stars and gas that stretches many thousands of sunshine years into the universe.
Our scheme is found on the inner fringe of one in every of the spiral arms, about 30,000 light-weight years from the centre. It completes one orbit round the centre regarding each 240 million years.
Astronomer astrophysicist was the primary to seek out out that the Milky Way System is simply one in every of several galaxies in our universe. the closest is Andromeda, that is commonly cited as our sister galaxy. it's calculable that in regarding four billion years the Milky Way System and Andromeda can collide

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