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The CRT monitor


The CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor is the older version of the present day monitors. They were curved and heavy.


The LCD monitor

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors are more advanced form of the common monitor. They are smarter and thinner than CRT monitors. LCD monitors have flat screens and their image doesn't flicker. They run on relatively lesser power and give a broader spectrum of colors. Due to less energy consumption, they can also be run on batteries.


The plasma screen

The largest screens produced are the plasma screens that can size up to 84". They are mostly employed in TVs and are more expensive than LCDs.




The screen of a monitor is divisible into fundamental building units called pixels.


Screen Resolution


The greater the number of pixels used by a screen, the greater will be the screen resolution. The resolution can be changed as per requirement. High resolution images are more vivid and broadcast fine details.


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