The most ugly subway!

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Traditionally... Hey, guys! I am here again.

Everybody is taking subway. Everyone goes to work, school, friend's house by train. You can pretend that it's not true, and you are more of a cab lover. But... You lie. A metro card is always in your wallet, and you remember how much money you have there!
Anyway... I'm waiting for the train right now. So, this post is being typed up underground. I always keep thinking about how ugly these NYC subway stations are! Everything else is amazing in the city... Well, almost everything, but the FREAKISH subway stations! 
It's hot and dirty down here just like in the hell. I 'love' these signs that actually indicate where the local rats are, keep you aware of being in the hell! In stead of keeping those creatures away from people, they  decided not to bother themselves, and just put the signs!
I don't mind; it just surprises me a lot since in Russia or even in Belarus (the developing country) the tube looks just like some museum in comparison with NYC: it's clean, full of sculptures, pictures, and so on. On top of that It's neither cold nor hot in the subway let's say in Moscow. 
Take a look at the pictures below. I am not ashamed to repeat my firm point of view.
Most of the photos were taken in Moscow, however the first two of them were taken in Minsk, Belarus.
Are you astonished?
I am not surprised if your response is 'YES'! 

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