The new Sony TV is thinner than iPhone phones!

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Sony reviewed during its participation at CES 2015 Technical what it described as connected TVs slimmest accurately 4K, a device that features a thickness thinner than many smartphones and tablet computers currently available in the market.

It features Smart TV X9000C, launched by Sony under the "Bravia" series Bravia, a thickness not exceeding 4.9 mm, which makes it the thinnest of multiple phones such as the iPhone 6 (6.9 mm), or iPhone 6 Plus (7.1 mm), or Galaxy Note 4 (8.5 mm).

The device features a screen measuring 65 inches, is characterized by the number of pixels equals eight million pixels are working together to provide an image described by Sony as the close proximity of realism, as support processor X1, which was developed specifically for the company's new TVs hers that supports 4K resolution.

Sony said that the new processor improves the clarity of the picture also features an automatic technique to adjust the contrast and colors separately, where the processor provides the nearest private blue and green colors of the natural colors.

Operates television X9000C "Android T in" Android TV, system to be adopted in the Sony TVs smart hers beginning of this year, a system like Android available for phones and tablet computers system.

Will present "Android T in" system for users of the new TVs revealed by Sony, including X900C and X9100C, features such as the use of voice commands in the search, as well as surf the Internet, run applications dedicated to the Android system and games.

It is expected that launches Sony TV X9000C during the spring in the US market and a number of global markets, where the company promised to be available to users until the launch and other TV from the new organs that supports the display accurately 4K range of materials in the same accuracy for display on those devices may reach the number 1400 article ready for display.


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