The Reasons of Sarkem Sex Workers go to Kemukus Mount

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The owner of the inn in the area prostitution Flower Market (Sarkem), Yogyakarta, Sarmi, 42, said the foster children who stay in place regularly visited pilgrimage Mount Kemukus in Sragen, Central Java.

According Sarmi, sex workers in regular Sarkem come in groups to Kemukus but not to seek penglarisan or ngalap blessing with sex ritual. But purely work as service providers, such as profession in Sarkem.

"There's no sugar ants, where the more crowded it approached," said Sarmi analogize routines foster children are desperate tolerable distance away from Yogya to Kemukus to Tempo, Saturday, November 22, 2014.

However, workers in Sarkem it never linger in Kemukus. At best, said Sarmi, Sarkem occupant was just a day and night operations in Kemukus. It was routinely performed every market day-35 days-ie, when Friday Pon. Thursday afternoon they set off on Friday night home.

Problem rates prevailing at Kemukus, said Sarmi lower than Sarkem. However, in Mount Kemukus more crowded. Thus, PSK Sarkem can get three to four customers overnight than in Sarkem that only one customer.

Mount Kemukus pilgrimage tour in Central Java Australian television media reported, the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). SBS is one of the five large network broadcasters in Australia. In the Dateline program on SBS One, entitled "Sex Mountain", SBS journalist, Patrick Abboud, confused at the sight of sex ritual practices at Mount Kemukus mixed with prostitution. [My Bubblews]


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