the silliest moment of my life.

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                                                            the silliest moment of my life.                                                                                               i have made an attempt to recapture some moments of my life till now.i am not an aged person so do not expect any great experience from my part.i just share my small and silly silly experiences with you.once in my childhood , when all of my family members take rest at the day time,i slowly open the door and went outside barefooted because the sound of sandals can awoke any person.our neighbours have the plants of grapes.we all friends always stolen their grapes at the day time. usually thieving phenomena is performed at night but as we are the experts thieves so we performed it at the day. one day our neighbours wife caught us at the spot and insults us in a very good know that what type of insult could be of good manner? but no problem as we are the professionals in our job,we did not mind if some one insults us.we continued our job and enjoyed that time period a lot,always having a great fun by eating sour grapes with addition of salts and red chillies.                                                                                      time passed and slowly slowly we grown up but continued our job but the only difference is that at that time i was in my childhood and now i am the student of graduation(quite mature now).ok now i want to share one more experience with of my cofellow asked me for help in writing an article.i was too much busy in that days that i did not have sufficient time to write by myself. now please do not think that i cannot write.i am a very good writer.i just open the google,search that article and then copypaste that.again a huge mistake from my part but this time i am not embarassed .one of my cofellow always trying to give me the sense of embarrasment by saying again and again that you are the copypaste,you are the copypaste.copypaste is not allowed in writing,this this and that that.but i enjoyed that time period very much.                                                                                                        i just want to convey one message by sharing these moments of my life that life is too short so always try to enjoy each and every moment of your life either it is enjoyable or not.always laugh openly by thinking your previous silly memories because i have view that no achievement at a later stage of life can compensate for the joyful experience of the early days of life.

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