The Story Behind My Name :)

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Have you ever asked your parents why they gave you such name?

Have you ever asked them the reason why they loved and why they thought of giving you that name?

As for me, I have asked my mama about it few years ago and she told me that she gave me the name "Christine Jane" because she like the meaning of my name. She said she saw it in a dictionary (and I don't know what dictionary is that because when I tried to search for it in the dictionary or even here in google, I couldn't see the same meaning she told me about) and the meaning of it is "The little follower of Christ."

Since then, I have loved my name because of the story behind it. Hehe :)

And the definition of my name really defines me. (because I am also little. HAHA :D)

How about you? What's the story behind your name?

Share yours. :))


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