The Tastiest Cup Noodle Ever!

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I know many of you love cup noodles for snack because they are not only delicious but also convenient to prepare. You can buy them at any store, and with just a small amount of hot water, your food is ready in minutes!

Now what is it that I consider as the most-tasting cup noodle in the world? At least for me, the most delicious cup noodle ever is none other than ... drums rolling... the Japanese Nissin Seafood cup noodle!

Our family used to eat this cup noodle back when my big sister was still working in Japan. We got our supply of Nissin Seafood every month. We received a package full of cup noodles and Almond chocolates! I still remember our life back then was so easy and bountiful.

Because this cup noodle is large, I often replace it for my lunch! It is normally for snack, but we eat it with rice too! Filipinos are really creative! In Japan, single motorcycles should carry only two passengers, but here in the Philippines, two passengers are too few!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I was surprised to see this cup noodle in grocery departments of some shopping malls in our place. At the first sight, my heart jumped with joy, since I've been longing to taste it again for a long time.

However, my grin turned into a frown when I saw the price of each item. Each one cost 100 pesos, so I stepped back in disappointment. If that's the case, I would just eat it in my dreams. LOL! What is the best cup noodle for you, fellow bitsters?

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