The Trip to Rugen Island - The Resort of Germany Spreading the Idyll of Holiday

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The Trip to Rugen Island - The Resort of Germany Spreading the Idyll of Holiday

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Greetings. Last weekend, we had a big celebration in Lithuania. We celebrated the Day of the King Mindaugas. Lithuania had only one king, and it was king Mindaugas. The day, when he was crowned now is celebrated as a commemoration day for our king. It's a special day for us, but we had three days off because of this occasion, so we with friends planned a trip to Rugen Island, Germany, the resort of Germany.

Really, the holidays are a good thing. Especially when the days off you get in a middle of the week. All of our trip members were on a summer vacation. Only I was still working. For our trip, I asked a couple days off from my job, and now we had almost a full free week. For some years already, in the summertime, our group is visiting the neighboring countries: Netherland's islands, Gotland, Elland, Scandinavia islands. It came time to explore the Rugen Island (Rügen). I would like to tell you about this German-owned island.

Although I doubted that the Rugen island would not appear to us too much civilized, we did not lack the supporters of our trip. The biggest trip's fans started to call me in April asking to take part in this trip. Everywhere we go together. Who's gonna really go there? And here's the result: ten cyclists company just went to Klaipėda-Sassnitz resort ferry.

One of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe, Rugen Island, Germany

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Some Info About Rugen Island

The Rugen island is a group of islands, interconnected with sandy spit. It is famous for its magnificent nature, luxurious resorts, and chalk limestone cliffs along the seashore, which were formed about 80 million years ago.

The Rugen island in the north of Germany is often called the sunniest place in this country. It states that in this island of the Baltic Sea, there are 100 hours more sunshine days each year compared with the southern German city Munich. Also, this almost 1000 square meters island is the largest and most beloved, and most beautiful island in Germany, where the most luxurious resorts in the country are located.

The landscape of the island, connected with the continent by the bridges, is very diverse, ranging from white rocky coastal chalky cliffs to swamps and floodplain meadows, from white sandy beaches to thick beech and oak forests. Looking at the map of Rugen island, it is hard to imagine how in reality such an abundance of bays, lakes, creeks, cliffs, and lagoons, lying in the middle of the island, look like. In fact, the island is surrounded by about 30 fine islands and picturesque capes of the mainland.


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The business card of the  Rugen Island is a white chalk limestone cliffs that run along the coast. It seems that these coasts are constantly covered with snow. Water has washed out various forms of derivatives in these rock cliffs.

It has two national parks and a biosphere reservation. From the mainland, Rugen is divided by a two-kilometer-wide strait through which two bridges are located next to Stralsund. The main seaside resorts, Binc, Zelin, Goren, located in the south-eastern part of the country, are full of tourists in the hot time of the season.

Meanwhile, in the west, there is complete peace, even the birds can be observed during the migration. The entire northeastern coast is huge chalk cliffs. There are few forests on the island, most of them are farmed fields. But do not feel disappointed, the German landscape of agriculture is unexpectedly beautiful! Even the cornflowers and poppies grow on the edges of cereal fields because of the beauty. 

The tracks, on which the tractors go to work on the fields, look great because they were laid out with concrete slabs since the GDR times. Not an asphalt, but also some kind of level! We have what to learn there. Also, there are many mansions, palaces, parks, and archaic churches. We had no time when to get bored. 

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The Sassnitz Resort, and a Trip by Boat Observing Exclusive Rugen Chalk Cliffs

The first town we enter, having dropped off our ferry was Sassnitz resort. It is only 6 kilometers away from the sea. The Sassnitz resort has a small port, famous by the longest one and a half kilometers pier in Europe.

The town is modern, clean, neat, with a plethora of beautiful houses. The spectacular details of small architecture fall to the eyes: interesting ancient doors, ceramic decorations of fish, birds and marine animals are seen on the walls. In general, the breathing of the sea is felt here at every step. In general, the island's resort spirit in Rugen was in every corner. It's hard to believe that there were only fishermen's homes on the island three centuries ago.

The first tourists discovered Rugen only in the 19th century. From then on, started to build houses for holidaymakers coming to the island from the mainland, began to handle the beaches. True, in those days the beaches were divided into men's and women's.


Boat Trip to Observe the Exclusive Konigsstuhl Chalk Cliffs  -  Photo credit: Amber255 via

The first tourists discovered Rugen only in the 19th century. From then on, started to build houses for holidaymakers coming to the island from the mainland, began to handle the beaches. True, in those days the beaches were divided into men's and women's.

We went on the boat trip enjoying more than 9 km of exquisite Rugen chalk cliffs, and also hear incredible stories about the pirate gorges, where once the most famous island pirate, Klaus Stiortebeker, hid there. We also saw the Victoria and King's throne preview decks on the top of the cliffs.

The Jasmund National Park, Which Amazes by its White Cliffs

It looked the road to the famous Konigsstuhl chalk cliffs is very short. At least we thought so, having parked our bicycles in the car park and decided to walk to the white cliffs on foot. Unfortunately, the pedestrian tourism route was a few kilometers long until we reached the Rugen's adornment in the Jasmund National Park - white chalk cliffs with high, steep terrain that stretches to the sea.  The Jasmund National Park is famous for the amazing Konigsstuhl chalk cliffs along the entire coast and the beech forests. 

Jasmund National Park is a site of the  UNESCO World Heritage. It is preserved for its natural beauty and scenic white cliffs. From the observation deck, we were able to admire the 118-meter-long rocky canyon called the King's Throne. It is said that in the earlier times, a candidate to the throne became the king, who first climbed onto this cliff and sat on top of it. Historical sources say that this way the rock was named because of the fact that in the 16th century, in this place, the King of Sweden sat in the seat watching the maritime battle between the Swedish and German fleets.


Jasmund National Park, the Glance From The Top Of Chalk Cliff - Photo credit: Amber255 via

The King's Throne is really the most interesting and beautiful place in the Jasmund National Park. The observation deck looks too high, and really it is over 110 meters above the sea. The white chalk cliffs seen from there have inspired a number of artists, attracted a lot of travelers.

From the Royal Throne, you can take a short stroll to Sassnitz resort, visiting other observation decks. You can go down the stairs to the seaside and enjoy the magnificent rock formations that have been formed about 80 million years ago. Here you will see the rocks with flint streaks. These strata are of the organic nature: during the Mesozoic period, when the glaciers melted, northern Europe was flooded, and limestone deposits of dead marine animals formed chalk cliffs.

Greetings in the ray of sunshine

Greetings you boldly scaled rock,

Greetings, oh Königsstuhl!

You, my German fatherland’s

Sublime boundary stone, call far

To the ocean wanderer! - Ludwig Theobul Kosegarten


The chalk found on Rugen Island was a highly valued item used in the manufacture of porcelain or even toothpaste, as well as for therapeutic purposes. Today, Rugen is famous for fish - according to the local, people come even from Berlin to buy a fresh fish, and Berlin is 300 km away from the island. 

After seeing the flint fields, located quite close to the Mukran marina, we went towards Lietzow Castle.  There is a very beautiful castle called Little Liechtenstein visible from all districts. At the Lietzow begins a thin spit that separates the Grand Jasmund Lagoon from the Minor. It was nice to ride between the two water sources. And it's fun to let go flying a kite along the coast. 

There is a lot of wildlife. The number of bicycle tracks is small, dominated soil roads. Many routes are marked only on the maps. However, I applaud to map makers - although it was a bit hard to orientate, they helped to discover the magnificent corners of the island!


Jasmund National Park - Photo credit: Amber255 via

The  Visit To The Hiddensee Island

Now, the next our goal was to reach a Hiddensee Island. The road was enough good. However, it is not common to go through the clouds of small flies and then pick them from the eyes, to wipe them off of clothes. Moving across the strait to the main island, we went to the west to the village from which we continue to sail on the boat. Here the flow of tourists has been already higher, and the ticket costs EUR 13 on both sides.

Hiddensee island is a narrow and long island, which is almost a whole sandy beach on the west coast. However, the universal buzz feels only on this road, everywhere else there is peace, special peace. Maybe that determined that we had more rest in Hiddensee island than in any other place on the Ruger island. The landscape of the island resembles the Lithuanian Curonian Spit, but there are fewer trees in it.


Dornbush Lighthouse in Hiddensee island -  Photo credit:

The villages have almost no streets, the homes are scattered everywhere. For the Germans, this is apparently the biggest exotica. 

In the evening, after returning from Hiddensee island, we decided not to waste time and get as far south as possible. Anyway, it is a bit hard to bicycle on the more important roads there. Many of them are historical monuments, which are counting hundreds of years. The ancestors never imagined that the car will ever be invented. Between the impressive baobabs, the two-lane asphalt without the roadsides is barely fitted there. The tree branches are often merged overhead, thus forming a dark green tunnel. It is beautiful, but the traffic is large, so such alleys are deadly for the cyclists.

Memorable Excursions in the Town of Gothic Architecture - Stralsund

We continue our journey south along the bay. By the afternoon we reached the Altefahr. In this area, Rugen is connected to the mainland by the bridge. We went to the other side to the city Stralsund. It is one of the most beautiful northern German cities of Hanza, which has preserved the almost unchanged buildings and streets from the Middle Ages.


The Trip to Rugen Island: Stralsund resort  -  Photo credit: Amber255 via

The Stralsund is famous for the architecture of the Gothic bricks, and it is protected by UNESCO. We had a long stroll in the Old Town, where we inspected the St. Mary's Church, St. Nicolas, and St. Jacob's Churches. We walked around the old townspeople's homes and town hall, which is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful architectural monuments.

The Trip to Bergen and Putbus

The journey is already at the end, and we have not been able to see much still. We had to make a choice. From the morning, we go to the train and head over to the center of the Rugen island - the capital city of Bergen. We stay longer in the supermarket only. In general, I have to say that Rugen is not great if you want to buy food. Fine cafes and snack bars you can find in almost every village, and the shops are rarely found there.

The town of the roses - Putbus. I heard about it at school, but then I could not imagine how great is this town. Now I was glad to see this town. Next to each house there grows several abundant flowering rose "trees". Putbus has a lot of such great rose creations. Apparently, a solid gardener brigade is in charge of their care, because the roses bloom even to the abandoned homes. They have been living for many years if to look at their thick trunks. 


Putbus, Rugen Island - Photo credit: 

Visiting the Binz Resort With White Wooden Villas

Finally, we reached the Babes resort, which leads through the symbolic gates to the Monchgut Peninsula. Its name would mean the monks' estate. Indeed, in the Middle Ages, this land belonged to the Elden Monastery. The peninsula is knotted from several narrow and long capes, which have a fairly high crest, overgrown with grass. The entire eastern coast is a continuous sandy beach. During the summer season, people are flooding here.


Binz Resort, Popular Resort in Germany  -  Photo credit: Amber255 via

Last dinner on the Rugen island. In the early morning, we headed back to the north. Shortly we reach the main island resort - Binz. Located in Prorer Wiek Bay, Binz resort was first mentioned as a fishing village. Now, the resort of Binz is charming vacationers with white wooden villas, the Hauptstrase pedestrian street with shops and restaurants, the magnificent Kurhaus beach, the 370 m long wooden bridge leading to the sea, and hundreds of bright beach baskets letting to stay people in the sunshades and protecting from the sun, wind, rain, and sand.

Binz resort has a mild climate, and it is among the most popular resort in Germany. The resort is situated on a beautiful wide coastal bay surrounded by beech forests. The 3.5km promenade has a magnificent view of the entire bay, as well as the vast sea coast.  

About two o'clock in the afternoon, we reach the Mukran pier. Here the bike hike ends. Now, the 18 hours trip at sea is waiting for us.

Sightseeing Trains Rugen  -  Video credit: Sightseeing Trains Rügen via

On The Final Note

It is said that for all travelers who visit North Germany, it is just necessary to see the white Rugen cliffs with their own eyes. It is said that this place gradually loses the charm because of the active destruction of the forces of nature. The pieces of cliffs are constantly breaking down and disappearing in the waves of the sea. They will simply disappear one day.

People have also seriously damaged the landscape of the Rugen island. From the mid-nineteenth century, the Ruegen chalk was a very valuable product used for the production of paint, porcelain, and toothpaste. Therefore, it was abundantly extracted. Finally, in our century, worrying about the survival of the Rugen chalk cliffs, and the territory is now recognized as a reservation.

The length of the Rugen coast, famous for its beautiful chalk cliffs, is 574 km. Of these, the beautiful sandy beaches occupy hundreds of kilometers. Two national parks are set up on the Rugen island, which is the most popular resort in Germany. Nature is very protected here, and many places are not allowed to enter not only with cars but also with bicycles.


Seebrucke Sellin, Rugen Island  - photo credit: Amber255 via

It is a shame that the precisely calculated travel time did not allow us to see Sassnitz resort famous sights such as fishing and harbor museums with an excellent collection of ancient fishing boats and a zoo. We left it for another time if God will allow me to return again.

Within five and a half day we made about 350 kilometers, we were able to drive about two-thirds of Rugen. The trip was quite inexpensive. I think that this island is ideal for short vacations, which do not want to spend too much time or money. I suggest you think about it.

The pleasant isle of Rugen looks the Baltic water o'er,
To the silver-sanded beaches of the Pomeranian shore; -John Greenleaf Whittier




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