There Now Are Mobile Phone Sidewalks In China

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It has happened all too many a times. People walking and texting and getting into accidents. I even saw a teenage girl who was so into her texting that she walked right into a lamp post, so I can see why China has now developed these mobile phone sidewalks. They have split the regular sidewalk in two and people who are texting on their mobile phones have their own lane where it is safe to wander aimlessly and text. It is the first sidewalk of its kind and it is a special 50-metre path in the city of Chongqing in China. Most people using their mobile phones are not adhering to the sign on the sidewalk, claiming they didn't notice it. This whole idea came about because of a National Geographic TV experiment. I wonder if it will continue? Do you think you will see a mobile phone sidewalk in your city anytime soon?



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