Three days more to get a voter registration card

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5th April, is the day that Afghans are waiting for to decide about their future. It is the voting day that may change their fate. We are really near to the elections day and it is the time to think about and decide who is excellent for the presidential chair. If you didn’t receive a voter registration card yet, so come on! You have three days more to get that, to use your right and be a part in future government.

Interest of people to participate in the presidential and provincial council elections is remarkable. People are waiting hours to get voter card and participate in the elections. This is the first time that a regular presidential exchange will happen after wars in Afghanistan.

Although security problems are the big challenges for us, but people like to vote in any condition. Participation of women is also considerable, they hope for the future and pretend that tomorrow is better than today.

In other hand, campaigns go faster and serious. People with full interests join these campaigns to support their choice candidate. The candidates use different tools for their propaganda. They use billboard, cards, and media and other relevant tools to get people vote for themselves.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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