Tigers Eat Durian

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Tigers Eat Durian



Once upon a time, in the area there is a small Kingdom Kingdom of jambi. They live peacefully side by side.
One day, a tiger, a very hungry beast, screwing up the village. Tigers eat cattle and attack villagers. Dozens of residents were seriously injured. The situation is an emergency forced the King hands down. The King ordered a soldier's choice to address such matters.
"O prajuritku, you give a mandate to deal with disruptive wargaku Tigers!" the King to Roman, the soldiers of choice.
In the middle of the forest, Roman fighting with the Tigers. Roman was fatally injured. Roman sprinted and kept running until the village of kemingking which is famous for its duriannya. Roman entered the village of kemingking and the Tigers continue to pursue it. Roman against the Tigers that with all his might. See lots of durian that falls, Roman was also using it as a weapon of durian. Durian durian he threw it towards the Tigers.
"Please forgive me, o Warrior. I'm no longer interfere with the citizens. But, allow me to be able to enjoy the fragrance of durian durian and sweet at the end of each season! "she begged Tiger exclamation to Roman.
Roman also nod marks agrees.
Roman and then report the incident to the King. The King also ordered his people to respect and abide by the oath of the Tigers. Since then, the Tigers never disturb citizens and only came out at the time of the durian. It is currently still running the village kemingking.



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