Time: Managing it and making the most out of it.

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A man who dares to waste an hour of time  has not discovered the value of life." Charles Darwin

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How much do I have?

What will I do with the time I have?

How do you look at time?

For me, time is more precious than gold. 

One of my principle is treating time like it is more precious than gold. Wasting it is not good, for me, I have to respect time, my own time and someone else's. That if I have that spare time, I have to be productive, I have to use the time and not to put it to waste.

This is one of the best thing I have learned while working overseas. My exposure to other races made me watch my time and not wasting it. The each seconds matters, every grain in that hour glass is important.

Respecting time for me is being punctual, not just being on time but making an effort to be in a scheduled time earlier that what it is being set. But some can not be there on time because of the style called "Filipino Time".

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Filipino time, Filipinos standard time.

Filipino time is the time deliberately  being set an hour late or earlier that what is supposed to be, to give "way" for people will be arriving. This is the standard time any Filipino will arrive. Sounds not good right? It is definitely NOT! 

This is said to be the status symbol of "National Embarrassment".

But according to history, there are some "factors" that could explain why Filipinos are tardy or late, even before. Some meteorologists have believed that our tropical climate could be the culprit. The heat and humidity have caused some Filipinos to be lethargic, that have lead to procrastination in the form of Manyana time or Filipino Time.

There is a thin line between having no time and making excuses." Rain Tajon

*Image is credited to rain Tajon via www.bitlanders.com 

Time Management: Sheduling

For the past few weeks, I admit, I have been juggling between work and being here. But I am glad that I have made a certain time, a scheduled time for it.

To be honest, I grew up living with schedule. When we were younger, doing household chores are put into schedule and who will be the person responsible for it. Like in my case, I am scheduled to wash the dishes after lunch time and boil the water in the morning. Until now, I live by it, doing household chores on schedule.

Saturday is my laundry day and also house cleaning day. I am not going to break that schedule of mine. That Iif I have something to do aside from the chores for Saturday, I have to do it earlier than what I used to do. I have to flexible for time and not time has to be flexible for me. 

You may delay, but time will not."--Benjamin Franklin

With work, I have two thing I have to do within three weeks time, finish the annual budget and be ready for evaluation. It sounds like I have a lot on my hand, and it is. Too much of paperworks can stressed me out, but I won't let it happen.

What should be done first?

With my scheduled evaluation on the 17th of November, it is best to have the annual budget for 2018 be done in span of two weeks. It may sound too much days just for doing it but it is not. The process is not easy. I have to do check every figures, those appropriations should be correct with the guidelines. The projects that are being allocated should also be in accordance with the guidelines, with the AOM(Audit Observation Memo) from the Commission on Audit, there were a lot of projects that were not supposed to be implemented, that made me crazy, thinking what should be the best that will not make me be questioned or disallowance would not be my problem.

The format of the Annual Investment Plan(AIP) had changed too.

The Annual Investment Plan is important in making the annual budget. The Municipal Budget Office and the Municipal Planning Department require us to make and follow the new one. From the general fund(Personal Services to MOOE), the 20% Development Fund, 10% SK Fund, the Gender and Development Fund, the 1% Fund for Juvenile Act and the 5% Calamity Fund, these should be put into that plan. And the items should be check which of them will fall to climate change mitigation or adaptation. The plan took me two days to get it done.

And yesterday, I have the annual budget submitted for review. Now, I am getting ready for evaluation.

Time takes it all, whether you want it or not." --Stephen King

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Time Management:Plans and Working In Advance

Time can be a greedy thing, --someimes it steals details for itself."--Khaled Hosseini

I am not good in beating the deadline. For me, it can stressed me out more. My brain my work faster but losing focus can be a deal breaker. I have done multi-tasking, but most of the time, I get screwed. Work is not polish as I I want it to. Thinking that what is the output of what I have done is reflection of me.

I could have chosen to get ready for evaluation first for the Annual Budget's deadline is still next month or do them together, like multi-tasking, but I can not, might lost both if my focus in on two, hitting two birds with one stone might be a good idea, but not this time. I have to plan, make the best plan for me, Annual Budget for 2018 have it done first, it may sound so advance or much way ahead of the deadline, but it is the best.

Some Filipinos love to beat the deadline, or pay the bill on the last day of their deadline. It is something that has become a practice of a lot. They might have reasons but have they plan ahead could save them an amount or even more time for their next tasks.

Isn't is best to do it in few days ahead rather than have it done on the deadline?

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."--William Penn


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Importance of scheduling

Planning ahead, making a schedule is important for me, especially when it come to my family. And here are some of the things that will make you see the importance of scheduling.

1. Understand what you can reallisticlly achieve with your time.

2. Make sure you have enought time for esstential tasks.

3. Avoid contingency time for the "unexpected".

4. Avoid taking more than you can handle.

5. Work steadily toward your personal and career goals. 

6. Have enough time for family and friends, excercise and hobbies.

7. Achieve a good work-life balance.

Lost time is never found again."--Benjamin Franklin

*Image is credited to Rain Tajon via www.bitlanders.com

Thank you for reading, hoping you have that time to make everything in time or before the time. Learn to love time, respect it too.

Until next time!

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