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Hello friends...

while remaining here i have found some hidden treasure that how we can get more points on daily basis.

As some of us are just trying to get more buzz on their micros, blogs, galleries etc. For this they start exchange which is time wasting and out of rule.

The easy way to get more points is to do few important main things

1) make your buzz level high as your daily earning and bonus depend on it..

2) For this make unique contents, if you wanna do micro that must have some sense,, flood will not help you.. make blogs and movies. but try to do it on daily basis with consistent way..And whenever you see facebook invite option on home page do not ignore that..

3) make more subscribers as this also help in growing of buzz score...

4) try to share posts of friends on facebook, twitter, they will do same for you and hence randomly viewers will come on that and you will make more points...

5) you also earn when you read someone good content post, the more time you view it as of your interest so it will also give you mean you will view others post and earning will also come to go on good content and sense posts/blogs to view more..

Hope you will follow this if you want success here...Because buzz score is the competition among all members and you have to care for this with these tips...

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