Tips to Stay Hydrated During the Summer Season

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When sky gets brighter, sun gets brisker, air becomes stiffer and every morning air becomes richer with birds chip; far away bells ring, indicating it is time to say good bye to winters and greet spring, standing on doorstep of earth and peeking from window to see: Is the cost clear for its entry? Yes, it is!

Spring has landed in Pakistan with all its colors and fervor, so serenity of earth has been ripped by blossoming flowers. But along with sweet aroma of flowers, spring also brings with it a reminder of hot summer days coming ahead; hard to bear, ready to tear and which definitely comes every year. Phew, no way out!

Summer is a long season in Pakistan and occupies major fraction of the year. If summer brings, bright days, then sharp sun light follows. If summer gifts monsoon, then don’t forget perk of earlier and later hot doom. Ironic? Yes, summer is as ironic as it could be ascribed. Every year we face this dilemma and this dilemma is turned into a catastrophe when problem of ‘dehydration’ becomes everyone’s point of concentration and later as tension.

Dehydration is directly proportional to summer, every rise in temperature index increases the dehydration possibility. Dehydration is not merely a condition of water loss, its outcomes can be as drastic as severe constipation, low blood pressure as well as rapid heartbeat. So, here comes that very instant when it is advisable to consider a famous proverb: Prevention is better than cure; in this particular matter, it is!

Here are some tips for ‘prevention’ of dehydration:

·         Drink water, if you don’t want to get knacker:

The most obvious way to prevent dehydration is to drink plenty of water. Doctors recommend 8-10 glass of water to beat the possibility of dehydration. Carry your water bottle where ever you go and if you are at home, even then keep water bottle at arm’s length. Most significant point to remember is that don’t wait for thirst to intrigue you to drink water, drink it by your own to match water requirement of your body.

·         Eating water, an essential matter:

Besides drinking water, it is essential for you to eat water; yes, you read it right! Peak months of summer season drag you in a condition where you have drunk plenty of water and you feel that your stomach will burst at mere sight of water, but you still feel thirsty. So, along with drinking water, you also need to eat food with high water content, essentially, fruits and vegetables.

·         Drink every drinkable liquid, get addicted:

Water is not the only liquid you should consume, grab every drinkable liquid whenever possible, may it be juice, smoothie, milkshake, milk or lemonade. Just go for it, remember that wicked ‘dehydration’ witch is in search of you? Yeah, don’t forget it!

·         Avoid direct sun, just run:

Besides keeping yourself hydrated, its equally essential to keep your hydration intact. For this, it is significant to avoid direct contact with the sun, as it will ruin all your efforts of keeping yourself hydrated and suck your body water, along with your efforts. Try to seek shelter while you are out for work and try to stay away from that massive water sucker.

·         For every action, there is water connection:

No, it is not Newton’s new law. Newton has long been departed but summer is every year supported, so this law is significantly designed for summer. It is quite obvious that if you will get involved in any activity during summers, you will sweat and that sweating will be followed by water loss. So, to maintain your water level, you should drink water while doing exercise or any other workout.

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Stay hydrated, stay protected… Happy summer!

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