Tipu Sultan

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Tipu Sultan.


The legendary role of Islam in the Muslim world so that they will be proud. Muslim historian, writes that the true believer Iqbal men in the flesh to see if the destination is the best example of Tipu Sultan Shaheed. History hardly brave and ambitious Muslim Sultan may no precedent or example. Tipu Sultan was a man who was killed, but the real meaning of the  Iqbal was a man who believed he was too Abid. It was a brave soldier and best commander and an excellent guardian and administrator. A veteran politician and public leader who has extraordinary insight and leadership of the people-friendly. After the death of Sultan Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan's hands when Annan's Islamic government was dented and Indian Muslims were divided. Tipu Salman their full attention on the unity and solidarity of the international Ocean on the other side of the country to concentrate on vocational.

The ambitions and intentions of the Sultan East India Company was the crusade against the Muslim Sultan made and the opposition engaged in a war of all ages. But despite Mysore and other arts in the industrial development of Mysore he could not get up again. East India Company was the Europeans that Satan Tipu Sultan will succeed in his intentions then India occupies the western powers could not. To eliminate the risk of typusltan Englishman, systems and unified hugyy.angryz Marhati it perfect its rule over India the biggest, but was not the only obstacle. It further aims to achieve Muslim unity and moral sympathy of public opinion to the British slyly Tipu Sultan's supposed mistreatment dstyun delivered in a way that far too hated myself. Even standing on the walls of Fort William announced that Tipu Sultan brutality and barbarism and killed Genghis greater evil and the enemy of man is [like today, it is not an enemy to be dogged by radical, conservative and he is a terrorist.

And 4 May 1799, 1213 AH 29 animate qadh killed Tipu Sultan saw the sun for the last time in his life. Taus early in the morning on a horse called out to inspect the troops. British shelling of the fortress wall had fallen a few places. Sultan also ordered the repair and then come back into the bath. He lived in the palace after the siege of the fort up like soldiers lived in a tent. Bath finished repairing the wall, watching the afternoon. Down from the wall at one day in the shade of a tree to prayer and seeking the lunch. I had just taken a bite from the city heard crying and running. He immediately stood up from the table and with a blending fortress windows ddy drift out of the door to attack the enemy. Tipu Sultan Mir Sadiq out the traitors from within the community, so I closed the window Sultan have to come back at the castle, he helps back. And the tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan Fateh Ali Mohammadi Muslim religion to uphold and protect freedom ءamt, from hand wise men were fighting on their lives and martyrdom of Shaheed Tippu great position to be called, but the punishment for treason What if the bear had myrsadq. Description of the historian's hmlat Haider, who have the exact words I am presenting.

What has hurt the religious shrine oriented Mohsin Hussain Gohar Sultan, Tipu enemies saved his life after trap is to stand, but his face blackened by the soot of notorious. Wonderful to say, at a furious sword syrup from the water died after being shot down on the ground to saddle up. Mir Sadiq unfortunate decay of the body four days later at the entrance to the fort was buried without a shroud. People are still coming deliberately primitive this Ning, Ning religion, Ning spit on the grave of the outcast, urine and piles of old shoes fold "


Ning of that country alas, Adam Ning, Ning religious traitors yet terrible fate of Mir Sadiq nor will learn some lessons learned

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