Titling MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT: The Focus Group

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This week, the title of Woody Allen’s 47th movie was announced: MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT. This strikes me as too similar to MAGIC IN THE WATER, a film about a child’s relationship with a sea monster, for comfort. It does at least suggest a light, fluffy if rather forgettable musical or an exchange. ‘During the day, I look unshaven, balding, bags under the eyes.’ ‘Yes, but we have magic in the moonlight.’ ‘I was wearing sunglasses.’ I wondered how Woody Allen, who famously begins most movies without a title – he went into production of HANNAH AND HER SISTERS without knowing it was about Hannah and her sisters, how nutty is that? -  chooses what his films should be called. BLUE JASMINE was a rather sensible alternative to the original, JASMINE FRENCH, so he gets it right some of the time.

Then it hit me: focus groups.


A researcher for Gravier Productions introduces herself to a group of elderly ladies and gentlemen. The women are in floral dresses, the men are in short sleeved chequered shirts, so there’s tie-in potential with a major retailer.

RESEARCHER: Hello, my name is Navinia.

SAM: That’s a beautiful name.

DORA: Sounds like a weed.

RESEARCHER: Thank you for coming. Please help yourself to more coffee and pastries. We also have ‘erbal teas.

CLARK: Are these gonna make me run to the john?

RESEARCHER: I shouldn’t think so.

FRANK: Can you run?

AVIS: I was elected Miss Delaware in 1959.

RESEARCHER: I brought you here to get your thoughts on some titles.

FRANK: Do we get coupons? I didn’t cross two boroughs for no coupons.

RESEARCHER: We have some movie passes.

FRANK: I can’t eat those.

RESEARCHER: Take a pastry. OK, how many of you like comedies?

AVIS: I laughed during LINCOLN but then I felt dirty.

CLARK: I didn’t care for TED. A talking Teddy Bear who didn’t have an agent – I didn’t understand it.

RESEARCHER: OK. I’m going to suggest some movie titles and I want you to tell me what you think about them.

CLARK: Why isn’t Ted a millionaire? Why does John Bennet have a crappy job?


CLARK: I mean there are the Muppets – Ted could walk on to the set and pull the puppeteers’ hands out of their asses!

FRANK: I’d pay to see that.

CLARK: Why wasn’t there a campaign to get Ted the right to vote? He can make mature political decisions, especially after boozing.

RESEARCHER: That’s quite enough about TED.

CLARK: Maybe they ought to make a film about Ted’s college years – how he denied John Bennet an education because he was always getting stoked.

RESEARCHER: You have very interesting opinions.

AVIS: My bunions talk to me.

RESEARCHER: OK, movie titles. Who can tell me a good movie title?

FRANK: ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’. You know what you’ll get with a picture like that.

DORA: ‘Schindler’s List’.

CLARK: ‘Seven’ – simple, it’s a number. Seven deadly sins, Seven Samurai, Seven-Eleven! Plenty of associations. What does it mean? You wanna find out.

FRANK: Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box.

AVIS: I didn’t know that was on the menu.

SAM: ‘Heaven Can Wait.’

AVIS: ‘Ishtar’.

The group stares at her

AVIS: ‘Andy Warhol’s Ishtar’?

RESEARCHER: OK. I’m going to suggest some titles and I want you to tell me what they suggest: ‘Romance in the Riviera’.

DORA: That’s like an Audrey Hepburn movie. I might watch it on television.

FRANK: The only good TV is Netflix.

CLARK: That’s not a contemporary movie. It sounds like a re-issue.

AVIS: I like the title ‘Doubt’. At least, I think I do.

CLARK: You won’t get me paying no $14 to see ‘Romance in the Riviera’.

SAM: Depends who is in it. Amy Adams – I like her, though she was awful stern in THE MASTER.

RESEARCHER: Do we have anyone in favour of ‘Romance in the Riviera’.

Blank faces in response. AVIS picks at a Pain Au Chocolat, trying to turn it into a croissant.

RESEARCHER: OK, how about ‘Bellamy’s Need’.

SAM: Wow. That sounds pretty heavy.

CLARK: Does he need the john?

DORA: Who said Bellamy is a man?

FRANK: If it’s a woman, they would use the first name: ALICE’S RESTAURANT, THELMA AND LOUISE, BABETTE’S FEAST, SOPHIE’S CHOICE. If it’s a guy, they use a surname: COOGAN’S BLUFF, SCHINDLER’S LIST, LINCOLN.


FRANK: What I’m saying is a woman is always referred to by her first name in movie titles. But a guy, it can be his surname or his first name or even just plain KUNDUN.

AVIS: Is that a pharmaceutical company?

FRANK: It’s BONNIE AND CLYDE not what’s her name and Barrow.

CLARK: What is Bonnie’s family name?

SAM: They should remake that film with Amy Adams. She was pretty tough in THE MASTER.

RESEARCHER: Does anyone like ‘Bellamy’s Need’?

AVIS: Well, it depends what his knees are like?

CLARK: ‘Bellamy’s Knees’ sounds like a French movie. I’m not paying no $14 to see ‘Bellamy’s Knees.’

RESEARCHER: OK, ‘Magic in the Moonlight’.

DORA: What?

SAM: Have we – did we see that movie?

FRANK: Moonlight is a myth. The moon is tiny in the night sky. What’s it going to light up, a nose hair?

AVIS: Men look very handsome with moustaches, except my ex-husband for whom it was a fly trap.

CLARK: I’m not paying no $14 to see ‘Magic in the Moonlight’.

RESEARCHER: Do you go to the movies?

CLARK: No, I prefer musical theatre.

SAM: Is Amy Adams in it?

RESEARCHER: No, actually Colin Firth.

A hubbub of approval

DORA: OK. Because I can see him as Mr Darcy, taking his shirt off in artificial moonlight, rippling on the water.

CLARK: I can definitely feel water.

FRANK: I liked Firth in that movie where he had difficulty speaking.



RESEARCHER: Oh, where he had difficulty singing.

DORA: Who else is in it?


AVIS: Why can’t the romance be age appropriate?

RESEARCHER: It’s set in the 1920’s.

FRANK: That’s just arthouse. There was no armed conflict involving American troops in the 1920’s. I’m out.

RESEARCHER: But you like the title?

FRANK: Clutching at straws.

AVIS: But this is a coffee shop.

The camera withdraws as the group descends into irrelevant conversation involving bunions, the nutritional value of pastries and whether Bullwinkle is a first name or surname. The RESEARCHER closes her note pad and sips her coffee quietly.

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