Top 10 Nuclear Power in the World

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                       Hi guys today, i'm writing a blog on the top ten Nuclear Power  in the world. These are the countries who are creating most mass destructive weapons. Well, you want to know what exactly is a Nuclear Power, "it's a use of Nuclear reaction that releases Nuclear energy". 

          So, now let's get on our real topic and write about Top 10 nuclear power in the world.



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                           Russia is continuously moving forward in developing more and more nuclear power. Russia is also on the top and leading country in Nuclear power. Russian mass destruction power possess almost 8,500 nuclear warhead, out of which 1,790 are operational. Russia is famous for quality weapon and largest country with respect to area. Russia is one of the know superpower in the world. Russia is also one of the oldest country in the world.

                          This country is the largest nuclear weapon producer in the world, not only that it is also third super power in the world.



2.United States of America:


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                        United States is considered as most power full country in the world, as this country has about 52 statesUSA is also know as one of the oldest country in the world. USA is one of the best country in defense weapon and is second greatest nuclear power in the world. It has total 7,700 nuclear weapon and has only used it, against japan in 1945 during world war II. US is largest producer of nuclear energy too. It has generated more than 30% of world wide nuclear  generation of electricity.



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                        France is one of the most beautiful country in the world know as French Republic. This country has 67 million population. As for wars this country has participated in world war I and world war II. France is know as one of the powerful country in nuclear power. It has a total of 300 nuclear weapon, moreover France has conducted a nuclear test in 1996. This country is not only a beautiful country, but also one of the most advanced country in technological weapons. 



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                       China is one of the biggest country with respect to population. This country is the populated country in the world. It's population is 1.3 Billion, due to which it is the largest country. China is also most developed country in the world and creates every thing itself, it is also a Happy Country. It is also know as Republic of China. As, we talk about its defense, technology and nuclear power, it is a powerful country. It is fourth largest country in accordance to nuclear power, with a total of 250 nuclear weapons.

5.United Kingdom:


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                         United Kingdom is also one of the oldest countries in the world. It is also know as Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island. It is also one of the richest country in the world. It has a population of 65.1 Million and it is also fourth most populated country in Europe. As, we talk about it's nuclear power, it is the fifth largest country in possession of nuclear weapons.  It has a total of 225 nuclear weapons and i one of the strongest with both regard, it's technology and it's elite force.



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                         Pakistan is one of the most beautiful and important country in the world. It was founded in 1947 by Quaid-e-Azam. It is also know as Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is also one of the most populated countries in the world, with a population of 200 million and is second largest Islamic country in the world with respect to it's population. It is also one of the most powerful Muslim country in the world. So, if we talk about its nuclear power it is the sixth largest country with respect to nuclear weapons. It has a total of 200 nuclear weapons.



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                      India is the most important country world has ever know, it is also called Republic of India. It is the second largest country with respect to its population. It has a population of 1.2 billion. As, we talk about it's nuclear power it is the seventh largest country in the world. They have about 90 to 110 nuclear weapons and some of their nuclear test are failed test. India is countinuously working on their defense due to their war with Pakistan.



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                      Israel is most popular country in the world, but not in a positive manner, it is most hated country, due to it's war with Palestine it is not only hated by muslim, but also by whole world. It is also know as States of Israel and Jewish State. It is also know that Israel is in possession of powerful nuclear weapons. It is the eight largest in terms of nuclear power. It has a total 80 nuclear weapons which makes it the, eight largest nuclear power in the world.

9.North Korea:


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                      North Korea is also know as the Democratic People's Republic Of Korea. This country is going popular, because it all our the news, that this country has a continuous increase in its nuclear weapons. This country has not a good reputation. Their government only spent money on their defense and development of nuclear weapons. It is the ninth largest in term of nuclear weapons. It has a total of 10 nuclear weapons and its a dangerous country to live in.



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                       Iran is also know as the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was know that only Pakistan is the only Islamic country which is in a possession of nuclear weapons, but it is reported that Iran is also a nuclear power country. Operations of US in Iran and Iraqmore than 100,000 people were victims during this war. After, this Iran is producing nuclear weapons and it is the 10 largest in terms of nuclear power. It is know that Iran is in possession of a nuclear weapons but how many? no one know.


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                       These were some top 10 nuclear powers in the world. hope you like the Blog.


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