Top 5 Countries Having the Most Water Shortage

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Water is very important for the survival of a mankind. Think of a morning in which you wake up and you do not have water in your home. You cannot brush your teeth, wash your face. You cannot cook food and have a breakfast. When you are thirsty you cannot have water to drink. A healthy person can survive without food for more than three weeks as Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days without food but he cannot survive without water for more than 2 or 3 days. Thus water is very essential for our survival and there is no alternative for water.


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Water crises or water shortage goes hand in hand because the fresh water available for drinking and other household purposes is limited. Mostly, the developing countries and the under-developing countries are wasting their freshwater resources and today in 2018, there are many countries who are facing water crises and their situation is getting worse and worse. Today, I am going to write about the Top 5 Countries Having the Most Water Shortage in 2018. Let us get started with the definition of water scarcity which means a shortage of water.

Water scarcity is the lack of fresh water resources to meet water demand. It affects every continent and was listed in 2015 by the World Economic Forum as the largest global risk in terms of potential impact over the next decade

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1. Somalia

Somalia is a country in Africa. It is number on the list of the countries facing water shortage issues. The country is under war situation and fighting its own issues within its territory. There are many casualties and starvation there just because of the water shortage. The country is not lacking water but the sincere leadership. There is a lot of fresh water available both underground and above the ground but the government is not sincere in this matter. People have to travel miles to fetch water and fulfill their daily needs of water. Water is a kind of very precious thing to the Somalian people and a very free thing to the person next to your door.


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Having access to the clean water is not all. Its safe and less use is the main thing because once the fresh water is finished, we won't be able to get that back and we cannot use sea water for our daily routine work because of the large amounts of salt present in it.

2. Egypt

The famous and largest river Nile flows through this country. Technically, this country should not be facing water shortage issues because it had never faced through its long-lasting history. But the truth is, Egypt is facing water crisis these days and is ranked second among the countries facing water shortage issues. As the industry has revolutionized during the last century which has created a lot of pollutants and most of them are just thrown into the water. This practice has made the river Nile so polluted that it could not be used for household work or drinking purpose.

The water-level under the ground has also decreased to a great extent. As a result, people have less access to the drinking water. The Irrigation system is also badly disturbed in the same way and people are suffering from many diseases in Egypt.


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3. Syria

Syria is a country in Western Asia which is in a bad situation these days because of the terrorism there and America's cold war with Russia. However, what the matter is, this country is also facing water shortage issues and is ranked third among the countries facing water shortage issues. Syria has reached a very alarming situation in its various parts because water is no more, neither on the ground nor under the ground in various areas of Syria. Many governmental and private organizations have taken the measurements to provide the people with clean water but the situation is getting worse and worse. As a result, people have started to migrate from those areas and traveling to those where water is available.


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4. Pakistan

Unfortunately, my country Pakistan is also facing water issues and it is ranked fourth among the countries facing water shortage issues. This country has many rivers and lakes but the worst luck ever happened to the people of this country are their politicians. They did not pay attention to this issue and as a result, India has built many dams on our rivers, which flow down to Pakistan from India, against the law ( a country cannot stop river water going to another country).



These politicians did not make any case in international court against India and neither they have built any dams or improved the irrigation system. As a result, the water in our rivers has been reduced tremendously because that water is being used by India in India.

Now the situation is that Pakistan is facing extreme water issues and people are using groundwater sources for every single purpose. Either it is daily routine work or irrigation, groundwater is being utilized. Almost 50% of the population does not have access to clean water which is causing many diseases to spread in Pakistani society.


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5. Haiti

 Haiti is a Carribean country which is also facing the water crisis. Haiti is ranked fifth among the countries facing water shortage issues. According to some recent statistics, this is the country which is suffered most due to the shortage of water. Just like Pakistan, 50% of the population have access to fresh and clean water and the rest have to drink unclean water and for that unclean water, they have to travel long distances to get that water. Many people died there because of the earthquake and other phenomenon but the greatest human loss they have ever faced was due to water shortage.


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The video here will explain few more countries which are at a great risk of water shortage.

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Those who have access to fresh water daily are requested to use water with great care and save water for themselves and their upcoming generations. Otherwise, the results could be very painful and there would be no way to survive. Without water, life is impossible. So use water wisely and adopt some brilliant habits which lead you to safe water.


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