Torrent in 2016

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Do you know torrent was banned?

But still there is many way that we can use torrentz

here is one of the way i am sharing with you hope it helps if it does share as much as you can and buzz obviously

so 1st you need to go to if you like kickass i think they have the best peering. How ever if you don't like kickass you can go to the mirrored image of which is now and you can search normaly as you searched before but it will show up with lesser torrent links so i prefered to go with kickass then download browsec form google chrome app store

now download a torrent from kickass or torrent if it says the website is banned due to government issue or something its time to use browsec and make sure that browsec is on changing you ip address its just a vpn after you made browsec you will be able to download the torrent file then you off the browsec and open the torrent file with any torrent client like bit torrent and you are good to go download will start.

heres a short video to help you understand the whole thing :)

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i am a 21 year boy from India i live a hard life i want to became social besides i need some money so i joined bitlanders hope it will be a great experience.

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