Tottenham smashes Sunderland my view on Tottenham’s biggest victory of the season

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After so much disappointment from previous few weeks, things do not look better for spurs, as we have all witnessed Liverpool putting football four times in our team’s net. The whole season is full of ups and downs and this instability has caused a real damage to both the clubs dream of competing in the biggest club football competition in the world and to club’s stature in both English and European football. After so much goods delivered by Tim Sherwood in his early days at Tottenham’s hot seat he has been making consistent errors and showing inability to be a top manager. This week’s match between Tottenham and Sunderland was of huge importance in Tottenham’s remaining season, the fourth spot looks out of reach and is been competed between Arsenal and Everton and the final outcome really depends on the late finish of both Arsenal and Everton. The run-in on which we are on course has huge importance on the future of this season because if all Everton, Arsenal and Manchester United have bad end to the season it will open up opportunity for Tottenham to reignite hope for the Champions League spot.


Before the match both teams were on the bad run, Sunderland arrived at White Hart Lane under the management of Gus Poyet with him starting with Fabio Borini, Cattermole, ki, Johnson and brown as prominent figures. Tim Sherwood finally decided to not pick Bentalib and instead chose Paulinho, the struggler Aaron Lennon kept his spot but the most good thing about the team was the inclusion of Harry Kane who had been working hard for his chance in the team. Emanuel Adebayor returned to the team, as did Vilad Chiriches. Tim Sherwood opted for two upfront players and putting faith in much hoped player Harry Kane partnering with Emanual Adebayor. The match started with Tottenham showing nerves from the previous matches as Chiriches’s wrong pass ends up in Tottenham net as Sunderland took great shocking lead over Tottenham. For a time being I myself thought that this will end in disappointment and we will surrender the match to the early goal from our opponents.

But the opposite happened that made my mood freshened up again as Tottenham got right back in the game with Emanual Adebayor headed the ball right into the Sunderland net the assist going in the hands of Christian Eriksen who beautifully created a cross that ended up in the goal. Tottenham crashed right back in the game with leveling with Sunderland 1-1, Tottenham players were looking different after conceding the goal. The hunger that all players were missing suddenly got back in the players as all players started fighting for the game.


The first half ended in the match tied at 1-1 as the teams returned to action, the score was leveled until the fifty ninth minute of the game. The things were starting to look bad as there was feeling that this might end in a draw, but Harry Kane paid back the confidence put in him, with him scoring from the low cross of Eriksen.

This goal revived confidence in the Tottenham team and Harry Kane showing hidden potential in him, Tottenham were now leading the game and was surely going for all three points as Tottenham hit the goal three more times, Chadli scoring in 78th minute, Emanual Adebayor again scoring in 86th minute and at the end Gyldi Siggurdsson scoring after the match time ended and into the extra time. This match is going to have a great effect on the confidence of Tottenham players as I am now looking for good run-in as the next 5 matches are all winnable. The most important thing of the match was the end score as Tottenham registered the biggest win of the season with scoring five times in a Premier League match and at home where they have been inconsistent all over the season. Christian Eriksen’s performance was great and deserves the central spot of the team with Harry Kane deserving his role as well.   

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