Trending News: Women From China Died From Electocuted

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China - A 22 year old named Jiao Chin was found dead hanging over the electric fence at Xishuangbanna Dai Prefecture Campus according to report on Wednesday. The said women was wearing a t-shirt and short when he was discovered by fellow student early morning.

The girl climbed up the fence to sneak out from the class and meet her boyfriend, but she ended being electrocuted by the campus electric fence. The University claimed that their students are aware that the university fences are protected with live electricity.





According to spokesperson of the university, the purpose of electric fence was to protect student inside against intruders. The one who found her was her roommate, they were shocked when they saw that Jiao Chin was not moving anymore.





Police officers continue with their investigation of what reason why the women climbed up the fence and why not formally asked permission from the management and from the guard.
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