Tribute to the King

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Tribute to a King

That is what the title said and I could think of only two people who fitted that title (in the music fraternity)

The first one is Elvis Presley and the second , Michael Jackson (obviously)

 Frankly speaking I liked him (M J) when he looked like this, simple and down to earth.

I mean his performance on stage did not diminish whenever he put on his dancing shoes but his latest attire did put off many.

 Coming back to the blog post, I stumbled upon a puppet show by puppeteer Juan Jose Vargas who did an excellent job of creating all the moves that Michael Jackson did while dancing.

He created a perfect Michael Jackson Puppet and made him dance to the song “Blood on the Dance Floor”

It was amazing to watch the video (which is just for 3 minutes) with all the perfect leg and hip movements which was the trade mark of Michael Jackson.

He even tried the moon walk, but doing the moon walk with a puppet is not an easy task and it was nowhere close to the moon walk that Michael Jackson did. I think we should give Juan Jose that much leeway, as the Moon Walk is not an art that every one can master. I have been trying it for the last two years, but can’t go more than two and half steps -  then the moon stops rotating for me (or does the moon rotate?)


This short movie was made in Mexico by Mauricio Vargas and shot with a Canon 5D Mark II

Hats off to Mauricio and Juan and of course Michael Jackson. Long Live the King!!!

Have a look at the video yourself  (it may take some time for the video to appear below, so have patience)


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