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How can we be our own person when we are basically made up of different people?

Think of it this way, we are going to experience so much in our life but most times, it will already have been experienced. Like seriously,we're just made up of experiences that other people have already experienced.

We are basically a whole world in one form. Meaning that planet Earth basically consists of 7 billion more planets, just walking all over it.

How can we ever be our own person if someone else has already experienced the same thing that has apparently made us who we are today? Someone could literally have part of your personality and you wouldn't even realise it. You could be talking to a stranger and they might say something that reminded you of what a friend, family member, co-worker, etc., has said before.

It's scary knowing that people tell you to be your own person but eve when they try, that person would have to think of something nobody has ever done before just to be that little bit more unique.

And how is that even possible when our minds are all basically connected so that we all understand each other? How is it, that nothing we ever think about, will ever be really our own thought due to the fact that someone could have already thought of it?

If everyone's their own person, why have we developed information form various sources and sen things that have already been seen before?

You, as a person, are basically a whole universe of people. You're just made up of hundreds of different people's personalities. So when you think about it, you could have one of the same types of personalities of your favourite celebrity, or even your lest favourite.

If we are really our own person, why is it that our personality is built on from different personalities represented to us both emotionally, physically and mentally?


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