Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica Erupts to Historic Proportions

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Images captured by photojournalists at La Nacion newspaper in Costa Rica show the impact of eruptions this week at Turrialba Volcano, located about 50 kilometers from the nation’s capital city of San José. The ash columns have soared more than a kilometer high, sending material throughout the Central Valley of the country, even closing the international airport at times. Credit: Alonso Tenorio / La Nacion 


What a show!

The eruption astonished many people in the region.


Hard to breath

The ashes have made breathing difficult. Asthmatics are at risk of attacks.

Gray sky

The skies of San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, now are gray in color due to the ash.

Continued eruptions

 Eruptions continued on Friday, March 13, at Turrialba Volcano. The column of ash reached even higher, to 1.5 kilometers.


Source: http://www.scientificamerican.com/slideshow/turrialba-volcano-in-costa-rica-erupts-to-historic-proportions/

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