Types of transformer in term of used

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I often spend my time with who is trying to make more and more precious.I remember his total elapsed time me some kind of a worm.

Therefore, I also took their advantage this platform I use more and more as I get full advantage of which I also write according to their studies. I want to talk about our social media network film annex.

So today I will tell you all about why it would be all the transformers, this is a thing we use and see in daily life. Today we will talk about this in terms of the use of these types are there.

Some types of transformers in terms of use which I am writing here.

The more power transformers

The low-power transformers

Anstroment transformers

If we speak of their detail, the more power transformers are those whose power is more than 500, and for them all the way to the cooling option. And is used as standard.

If we reduce the power of the transformers talk to him all the way to the cooling of the transformer that are with in their own. And they aren't any separate management. And their power to 50. Both types of single phase and and are used in phase. And it is there where we are using low voltage.

It’s the simple introduction about this types of transformer in my next blogs I will be told about another types of transformers and there uses also.

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