US 12-year-old 'iPhone' has become an enemy of the mother's life

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Police found evidence of my mother arrested after she moved to juvenile jail.Photo: File

Colorado: Colorado State 12-year-old girl, 'iPhone' to withdraw the execution of her mother tried 2 times.

According to police, 12-year-old girl in Colorado capital denver iPhone withdraw his mother only 2 times a week and try to kill poison in the food, she first made her juice at breakfast If the suspected poison the mother, but she thought she would have washed the glass properly to the smell of bleach is bleach, but the girl's mother for the second time trying to feed water into the glass If suspicion is confirmed and the mother of the child filed a complaint with the police.

To my mother after police found evidence she was detained and transferred to the prison where the child is under further investigation.

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