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US withdrew from being the INTERNATIONAL POLICEMAN

Due to the prevailing situation and international events throughout the last four years it has become common to ask whether the US and the western countries are able to fulfill their international duties or not. Apart from the other parts of world this question is widely asked in the continent Asia.

If we look as the historical background we find that the super powers disintegrations continued from First World War till 1998.  At the end of cold war (1988-89) Soviet Union dispersed into pieces. After the First World War, fought from 1914 till 1918, Ottoman Empire was shattered. The Second World War (1939 – 1945) had impact all over the world. At that time the then super powers Germany, Japan and British were helpless therefore only US and Russia remained in the ground. Russia was unable to maintain its economic superiority. That was the time when US emerged as a super power.

In the American 250 years history there was only one war in which the natives were directly involved and that was the war of independence fought against British. All other wars fought by America were not fought on its own land moreover America has never settled on any other country after the war instead it imposes their own type of democratic government and economic system.

This clearly shows that why the super power America withdrew from the role of a global policeman and human rights guardian. The Obama doctrine now thinks that the other emerging super powers like Russia and China should come forward now and share this responsibility. Secondly, the American economy can also not bear this burden alone. Good luck for the America and global peace.

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