USA Votes in Two Weeks - Do You Care Who Wins?

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USA Votes in Two Weeks - Do You Care Who Wins?

In just a little over two weeks, US citizens from all walks of life will be heading to the polls. They will be voting in what are called midterm elections, which is the halfway mark between a president's term in office.

People will be voting in local elections, statewide elections and also on the federal level. This is where the most interest lies. There are many so-called experts who are trying to predict the outcome of the US Senate, following the election.

Currently, the Democratic Party holds the majority in the US Senate, while the Republican Party leads the House of Representatives. Both of these chambers together are called the US Congress (this bit of information is for our bubblers outside the United States).

As we head to the wire, it is almost universally accepted that the Republican will maintain control of the House of Representatives. However, there are many heated races around the country as the GOP also fights to wrench control of the Senate from the Democrats. There are many close races, but no one knows for certain what will happen on election night.

For my fellow Americans who are aware of the upcoming elections and are prepared to or not prepared to vote, do you care who wins? Does it matter to you if the Democrats maintain leadership in the Senate or if the Republicans win?

Here is my take... It does not matter seriously who wins. Unless the Democrats win a larger majority in the Senate or the Republicans win and in some miraculous way there is a Republican president in the White House, nothing will really change. The Democrats need a larger majority to do more and the Republicans need the Senate, the House and the White House to accomplish anything at all.

I have always believed that it is better when the two houses of Congress and the White House are controlled by different parties. We have seen the mess when one party controls everything. Dividing the government between the parties forces them to act like grown men and women to get something done.

Yes, we have not seen much of that either. Therefore, it may be time for a new group of people. If we could get rid of all the "old" heads, some of whom have been there for decades, we may be able to finally get something done in Washington.

So, as the USA votes in two weeks, I care, but I do not expect much difference from any of the winners.

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