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A Dictionary is the most useful resource book, which helps in learning and language. Dictionaries are storehouse of words in a language. Anyone who needs help in getting the correct spelling of a word, its pronunciation, its grammar and meaning can consult a dictionary and get all kind of information?

There are different types of dictionaries, a simple beginner’s dictionary that I easy to follow, has an adequate number of words and is not every complicated. There are advance dictionaries that are heavier in size, have more, words and meanings and have a lot of other useful and helpful information that can help learners.

If you open up a dictionary you will notice that the words are arranged in and alphabetical order. It means all the words starting with come before words starting with B C or D. Imagine if the words were not listed in order, a dictionary would look like a sack full of stones of all sizes or roads without proper road signs. Let us try and understand another point.

You must have noticed that the second alphabet in all the above words is a. Now pay attention to the third alphabet, is it different in each word or not? Well the third alphabet in some words in different. Here are five columns, each with a different alphabet. Write the above words in the columns according to their correct third alphabet.

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