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                    Vampires and their existence has always been a biggest question for humans. Well Vampires are those species which are dead but they seem alive. They are immortal according to myth vampires are formed after the death of a human. They are cold blooded species which survive on human blood. Vampires never face aging, they can go wherever they want to and they are immortal. Bat is the animal which is considered as the sign of vampire but there is no proof related to vampires and their existence. Many innocent people were killed just because of doubt that they are vampires.

             According to belief many years ago there was a king of Serbia named Dracula who died on the war field the day he died was the day he got a new life, the life of a vampire. Vampires are considered as evil creatures because of the fact that they drink human blood. Dracula Is considered as the originator of vampires. According to myth that if a person wants to be a vampire he should die within 24 hours of vampire blood in his system. After this he will become a vampire but there are many other stories about vampires and how they exactly existed.

             This myth has given so much to film directors there are many movies about vampires and their existence; even TV shows are there which has cashed this myth by making fiction shows on this myth. TV shows like vampire diaries, teen wolf are one of the popular shows which had rocked the fictional TV Shows and as per to the interest of mass they have proved themselves as one of the popular TV shows. This myth has given a career break to Robert Pattinson a Hollywood star who acted in popular fiction Vampire and human love story named as Twilight that movie made him overnight star.  

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