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For your daily dose of happiness ...


1. If you feel STRESSED, give yourself a break.

Eat some cake, ice cream, fruit, chocolate or other sweets.

Why? Because ‘stressed’ spelled backward is DESSERTS.

That's what we called REVERSED PSYCHO­LOGY.


2. Peter: why you enter here in the heaven?

Joy : Because Im lovable to others.

Peter : Why you said that?

Joy : Because I have seven husband.


3. One day , I saw my ex crying while it rains.

I'm near to him.She said, “Leave me! I want to be alone!”

I laugh , and I said “Ow, why? I just passing by! What's the matter?!


4. Hehehe..


Boy 1: Hey, dude did you know my father is very great police , he's been around for 35 years now in service but he didn't shot by a gun.


Boy 2: Really? What kind of police is your dad?


Boy 1: Police traffic.


5. Rencee and Jane climb into the mountain.


Jane : Renceeee! Help me! (she's falling )


Rencee : (hold the hand of Jane) If you love someone, you should let her go.


Jane : Waaaahhhhh!!!!



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