Various Jokes and Happiness

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1. Superhero


Anne : Is it true that your boyfriend really is IRON MAN?, for sure, he is very strong!


Jessica : Hmph! he is weak, but he is really cute though.


Anne : He is weak ?!, why you call him iRON mAN ?


Jessica : Because that his job ..ironing clothes in laundry shop!


2. Hahaha..


Boy : I wish I was a problem in able to think me always.

Girl : Yes I agree , I do all my best to avoid you.


3. Huhuhu...


Mark : oh , why you look scared?

Rencee : I was scolded by my father !

Mark : You just scolded , and you scared already!?

Rencee : Because its been 3 years now since he died!


4. Its lost


Doc : Did you take my advice, open the windows when you sleep ?

Rencee : Yes?

Doc : So your asthma is lost now?

Rencee : My asthma is not !, but my laptop, computer , watch and my wallet.!


5. In train station


Billy : Hey dude, were such a shame!

Joe : Why ?

Billy : Look at the old man , he is standing and we are sitting, I don't want to see oldies in that difficult situation.

Joe : Yes ,me also, hey come on... let's close our eyes.-_-.



- its better to sleep than to take a nap.

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