Vehicle Year 2059

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Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car


Dominic Wilcox designing future vehicles that do not require a driver and only consists of a mattress in it.

An artist, inventor, and designer named Dominic Wilcox recently showed off a prototype vehicle of the future exhibition of his work at Dezeen and Mini Frontiers at the London Design Festival. As the name implies, Stained Glass Driverless Car Sleeper does not require a driver. Future vehicle that is shaped like a shell made ​​of stained glass and in it there is only a bed. Thus, passengers can sleep when the vehicle carrying them to their destination.

In his site, Wilcox stated that he created the vehicle as a vehicle for the proposed mid-21 century. In addition, he also made ​​a concept called site. The site he created with the assumption that people can order vehicles based on their own choice rather than having a car without a driver. They can choose the size based on the number of passengers. They also can choose the interior and exterior in accordance with their own desires. All interesting option is expected to be present in 2059.

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