Venturi Fetish

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With the world gearing up for the invasion of electric cars to grapple with worrying issues of emission as well as fuel economy, many have been manufactured, but are yet to impress the discerning car buyer. But in the small European country of Monaco, Venturi has brought out a luxury car in the sports car segment. It is very, very exclusive because of the fact that only 25 people in the world will get to own one. Each car takes 12 months to be delivered and only five cars have been planned to be produced every year for five years. It made its debut in the Detroit Auto Show in 2003 with unique features that quickly whetted the appetite of the extremely wealthy folk. This electric sports car wears a price tag of $400,000 which is the price paid for its uniqueness and exclusivity in both the design and the concept. This all-electric luxury sports car is all set to become a rage.


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