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When i were in class 8th. I visited Fasil Mosque with my school fellows and teachers. This was a very nice trip. We were enjoying a lot. Our principle was also with us. He was a very kind and polite man. He was also enjoying with us. We saw whole mosque. I always want to see this mosque. So this was a golden chance for me to watch with my open eyes.



At 12'o clock we took our lunch. We all took our lunch with us from home. So everything was very delicious. When lunch was over we decided to take some photo graphs.So these will remind us of this trip forever.

We take a lot of group and individual photos. Every thing was going very good. But than a terrible thing happened, we were not mently prepared for it.

Me and my friend decided to take photo with our class teacher. At that time we were at the back side of mosque. Our class teacher was a religious person. Having long beared.   He agreed to take a photo with us. When we were taking photo one of the Molvie of Faisal Masjid saw us. Oh...!!! He rushed towards us and asked us waht are we doing. He scolded us that why we are taking photo with a Na-Meharam.

We were surprised to hear this. Because we always listened  that teachers are just like our Parents. So what ever, our principal appologised and we came out of Faisal Masjid.Me and my friend were very sad because because of us, our principle feel awkward.

So this was my first trip to Faisal Mosque.

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