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Through a study conducted by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, they found a way to help lose weight.

Reported by Inilahcom, the researchers analyzed 54 participants were on average 30 years old. They use a wrist monitor to track their reactions to light in the morning for seven consecutive days. They also have a record for caloric intake.

In fact after they conducted a study, people who received morning light has a lower BMI than those who wake up late. So, whether people are soaking in the sun in the morning body weight will be reduced? There are two possibilities, first, they open up to the light in the morning as opposed to at a later date to synchronize the biological clock.

So you must have a sleep schedule for a good sleep schedule can help your metabolism run more efficiently and be able to lose weight. Secondly, natural light morning light is much more powerful than the afternoon or evening. So from now on, you try to get used to the morning sun for 20-30 minutes, because aside from healthy, it can also reduce your weight.

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