Water a life saver

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Water is life. Humans, plants, animals every one of them relay on it. We drink it clean ourselves with it. And plant made their food with water which we eat. But human is destroying its resources and polluting this precious thing.


We are polluting our water by sewerage and industrial waste. We are not reprocessing our sewerage. In country like Pakistan and India the sewerage water is released without any recycling in streams and rivers. This is continuously polluting the water. While on other hand water from different industries like oil textile and paper flow there water without any recycling in rivers. This is not only affecting the people who drink water from these resources but also killing the aquatic animals that relay on these rivers and streams.

In some countries sewerage water is used directly without recycling for irrigation purposes. This is not only affecting these lands and its underground water resources but also dangerous for those people who use food yielded from these lands.

Only few countries of the world are doing work to prevent their water resources. They recycle their sewerage water in recycling plants. But this is not enough every one of us has to play his role to stop water pollution.

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