“Ways To Fail In Exam”

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Bring a pillow. Fall asleep (or pretend to) until the last 15 minutes. Wake up and say “oh gee, better get cracking” and scribble furiously turn it in a few minutes early.


Get a copy of exams sheets, run out screaming, “Fellows, I’have got the secrets documents”.

If it is a math or science exams sheets, answer in essay from. It is the long answer or essay exam, answer with number or symbols. Be creative use integral symbols

Make paper airplane out of the exam sheets

Take the entire way through the exam. Read the questions aloud and debate your answer with your self out loud. If asked to stop , yell out sarcastically. I’m so sure you can hear me thinking.

Bring cheerleaders.

Bring a video game; play with volume at max level.

Bring a pet.

Write with crayon, paint or fluorescent.

Bring a black marker. Return the exam sheets with all questions and answers completely black out.



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