We are Quite Numerous

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Our family is composed of 11 children my 2 aunt and 1 uncle stayed in our house before. We have big front yard which is we put plenty of plants and vegetables. This was our source of income before or way back.

When we grow up some of us got married and this coming February 2015 it’s my younger sister’s turn to get married. I’m kind of a little worry to my mother because she give birth all of us then when we grow old she will be left again in the house, how sad.

Now I realize if you have more siblings of the family time will come they grow old and get married build a family. That’s a life cycle. Getting mature and having the house to build your own family does not mean living all the way. Off course the care and love of our mother will remain and be provided always in return of her+Unconditional-love to us her children.

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