What Are Some Of Our Liabilities?

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Revenge-We think we have been wronged and when we begin to dwell on this for a lifetime we begin to wrong ourselves.

Envy-When we begin to envy those who are doing better than us we create a liability for ourselves. It is better to build our own self-image independently without comparing it with others.

Sulkiness-Rather than showing annoyance against others for slight causes, it better to set our own goals to move forward to making us better and more creative.

Elimination from Life-We should never isolate us from society and retire from life.

Narrow-mindedness-When we develop an open mind we quickly learn to renounce all mental and spiritual short sightedness.

Temper-Temper is a sickness and one of the worst enemies of good people and when we learn to control this hairtrigger
temper we can definitely move toward a new exalted status as a professional human being.

Mistakes-We all make mistakes because no one is perfect. We should learn to forgive and rise above all our mistakes.

Hatred-Hatred is a very strong human feeling and it would always benefit us if we stayed away from it. The person who hates others dislikes himself but the person who respects others learns to respect everyone.

Emotional Negligence-Turning all your negative feeling to positive goals is possible. You have to refuse to wallow in your negative ideas and steer clearly toward positive thinking.

Tension-Relaxation is far better than to be tense because any tension is a debilitating habit. Get on with your work regardless.


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