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What is Bitlanders ?

Basically Bitlanders is a social website but where other social websites works for their pockets Bitlanders comes with an Idea of sharing revenue with their valuable users. Advertisers publish their Ads on Bitlanders and in response Bitlanders gives their viewer rewards in shape of Bitcoin. So basically you can also call Bitlanders a Revenue Sharing Website. On Bitlanders users can share Pictures, post Videos, write Blogs and Microblogs.

Who is founder of Bitlanders?

Bitlanders is a platform of Annex Films founded by Francesco Rulli. He is an Italian Businessman and will be surprise that He is also a Black Belt Judo instructor. He is also producer of judoarts.com. Rulli is an Advisory Board Member of the Global Medical Relief Fund. He is known in worldwide by the work he has done for charitable trusts.  Annex Film was founded by Rulli for filmmakers to create free web TVs to present their work in 2006. In short Film Annex is an online independent film distribution platform and web television network.
How to earn with Bitlanders?

There are many ways on Bitlanders where you can earn. Below are the daily Quest:-

·         Share Video on Facebook

·         Read 5 Blog Posts

·         Watch 5 Videos

·         Check out for offers

·         Bring your Friends to Bitlanders

The good part is that all above 5 options will be available to you on daily basis. So it means you can easily earn or you may say that you can earn with above 5 even with your eyes closed.

In everyday life we share our pictures, view videos reads blogs on different topic so you not to do all these in return of a favor? YES just for simply sharing/uploading pictures to Bitlanders Gallery you will be paid.

Can you explain Bitlanders in Short Videos ?

Here is a Video that will surely explain you or even further open your mind if you have still have any doubt in your mind regarding Bitlanders. 

Are you a good blogger? Are you Blog addicted?

If yes is the answer then get known that Bitlanders is blogging Paradise. You get paid to write Blogs. There is no restriction on Topic.That’s right YES Choose your topic. Upload some pictures and videos in the blog related to the topic and submit it for approval. On Blog submission 10 Gems will be deducted from your account. Please do not copy paste from Internet as it will be rejected and you will lose your Gems. Make sure that you own all the contents in that Blog and then submit for approval.

Remember: - Once you submitted your blog and it has been reviewed by Bitlanders and you received 1 Star on your blog you’ll be awarded 10 BUZZ for 5 days. If your blog received 2 Star you’ll be rewarded 20 Buzz score for 5 days. If your Blog received 3 Stars in return you’ll be given 25 Buzz score for 5 days. If your blog gets 4 Stars you’ll be rewarded 30 Buzz score for next 5 days and if your blog is out of the blue and receive 5 Stars then 35 Buzz score will be your reward for next 5 days. (So make sure that you make a unique and eye catching Blog)

What is Buzz?

If I have to explain it in simple words then I would say just in Facebook we do LIKE when we like something here on Bitlanders if you like something you’ll have to BUZZ it. You are not paid a single penny by other social website but it is not the case on Bitlanders. Just for BUZZING here you’ll be paid. You can Buzz videos, Blogs, Microblogs or even Pictures and you’ll be rewarded for that. Just don’t go for the deal with People to Buzz on your Post be as creative so that your Picture/Videos/Blog catches eyes of others and they are forced to Buzz or leave a Comment of your post. Remember revenue totally depends on the Buzz score. The higher the Buzz score the Higher will be revenue because it shows your reach, your ability to connect and your influence on others.

Does Bitlanders really Pay ? Where are Payment Proof ?

If Bitlanders is fraud or they are scammer, will we be here discussing all this ? Search google "Bitlanders scam review" and you will be amazed that it has got 100% trust rate. Moreover Millions of users who are chatting in Bitlanders would have called them scammers and warned other users about joining it. Below are the Payment Proof that Bitlanders does pay on TIME and EVERY TIME. 




How to Withdraw Bitcoin from your Bitlanders account ?

Withdrawing money/bitcoin from Bitlanders is really really simple. With the help of below given Video i will explain you how to withdraw Bitcoin.

Can i donate my Bitcoin to Charitable Trust on Bitlanders ?

As we all know Francesco Rulli works for different charitable trust so how can we expect that on Bitlanders he would have not remembered those needy peoples ? Who are one of us as we all are family ? With help of video given below I will show you how to donate in one of the Selected charitable trust.

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