What is experimental cinema?

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Some more thoughts from myself based on a question I put on Eren blog post the other day.  Last week Eren creative director of film annex. posted an interesting blog, here is the link.

I am proud that she enjoys some of my work its nice for the recognition. In the comments, I asked what experimental meant to people?

Over a few blogs I am going to give my idea of what it is, as a lecturer in experimental film production and a filmmaker.

Fundamentally I see two types of experimental film.


Classic genre experimental film.


New experimental film, new film.


With classic genre experimental film we are looking backwards at films that are known as experimental in film history.

Films like 'un chien andalou' 'wavelength'  The films of Stan Brakhage.  With films made of this type its like a homage, to the classic films.

Essentially this goes on all the time experimental film is everywhere. Classic experimental cinema influences are all  over other moving images. As it is an experimentation it can be seen as the first step to a more traditional storytelling cinema sometimes, though I tend not to agree.


With (New experimental film, new film) This for me is a personal type and I think it is for everyone.   Everyone sees work that is new exciting and a experiment to them. It might not be the same for everyone.


I show Chris Cunningham's 'Rubber Jonny' to my students regularly. This is firstly so that they see it, and know of it, and secondly to gage what they think of it, is it experimental to them? or not. Is it the first time they have seen it?  What is the narrative? The story? 

 More on this soon, including a review of a Field in England and if this is experimental?

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