What is society?

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Society is a historically  developed  complex of relation between people that are based on constant changes of forms and conditions of their activity. Society is generally a group of people who share acommon culture ,occupy  a particular territorial area and feel themselves to constitute a unified and distinc entity.   human is social exis it is clear on boby couldn’t all of works  alone himselfe or herself improved in life .we responsibility in society that  recepct to right of people and help to each ather and never don’t an action that harmful to ather rights.and itis important that also usfull active for our society and we reach to ourselves purpose in society we must help to gather.

How we can establish the infrastructure:                                       

By knowledge we can best foundation for a society.when a society is kow abut this what is usefull for their improve so that socity is fortunate  reach  to knowledge and konw how use form it.

How we can make good career in society:  

When we make good career in a socity recepct to our people notion  ,culture ,emotion and religion.and good relation whit our people and when we have  good moral and personality in this way we also recepct   form our society becus  it is reciprocal action.


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