what we are doing?

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critical question, isn't it? so what are we doing in our lives. working, having fun, enjoying, traveling ... for what?? so the words should be "working for having good life"

Okay.. so working in any field for gaining money for doing what you want or what you dream of? money... what does it mean when I say that get money for going or achieving what you want like with the money you can buy food, drinks, flat, hanging out with friends, you can buy a car. but how can we get those things i have mentioned without money. in this life, we can't but coming back to the early ages. the people were trading like for example if you want food and another person wants water, they you can share and give him some of you share and he can give you some of his share. what did we stop that. it is so pure and nice way to get what you want. because of what we have changed into this life.

so i wish we could get back to this life and start doing this way of trading. 


Written by Mohamed Hussein

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